Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I'm finally back from my long hiatus from blogging. Things have been insanely busy the past few weeks, most especially last long weekend--my birthday weekend!!!

Aside from the heaps of work in the office, my weekends have been fully booked as well. 3 saturdays ago, hubby surprised me and came home unannounced. Prior to this, he hasn't been able to come home for a month since he wasn't allowed to leave camp. The next saturday, we fetched him in Pampanga and sneaked to Manila to meet J's bestfriend from Iligan who came to Manila for some business errands. Last Thursday (birthday eve), hubby again surprised me and came home for my birthday! He wasn't texting me all day and I was a little pissed but I came home to find my two boys together and they gave me this.

My favorite flower, stargazer! Sweet, eh? This birthday made up for the crappy birthday I had last year. As I turn 27, I can truly say that I've grown definitely wiser. The past year, I received endless downpour of blessings. I became a bride, a wife and a mom all in one year! There have been a few bumps (i.e. my post natal depression, financial crisis, adjusting to married life) but it proved to be obstacles that made me stronger and which I still consider blessings because there are lessons in each of these experiences.

Anyway, the three of us (my two J's and me) we're all over the city the whole day of my birthday doing a lot of errands. We had a simple lunch in Market! Market! were we met up with J's mistahs.

We came home early in the evening and enjoyed the pizza and the pancit malabon we bought on our way home. Amici pizza is the best, I tell you!

I also attended two weddings last weekend. One is J's mistahs (the couple are both from PMA) and the other is a former colleague who's now based in Dubai. I've been to a lot of weddings lately but I still can't hold my tears everytime I'd see the bride walking towards her groom. The ironic part is, I didn't even cry when it was my time to walk down the aisle! Weird noh?

We also headed to Laguna to visit JB's cousins from J's side. It was indeed a hectic long weekend. I didn't get to rest but it was an enjoyable weekend nevertheless.

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