Friday, August 22, 2008

shameless plug!

I'm selling my brand new and still sealed AVENT ISIS ON THE GO manual breastpump for as low as Php 4,000. Price in mall is at Php 7,400 and sellers in multiply sell it at Php 4,500 - 5,000.

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package includes:

1 Let-down Massage Cushion
2 4-oz. Avent Natural Feeding Bottles
2 9-oz. Avent Natural Feeding Bottles
2 Avent Anti-Colic Nipples with Newborn Flow Rates
4 sealing discs, 2 dome caps
8 disposable breast pads
2 cool packs
1 insulated micro-fiber tote

I'm also selling brand new Avent VIA breastmilk storage kit. It contains 10 cups with covers. Perfect for use with the Isis breast pump. I'm selling it for Php 800. Mall price is Php 1,200++ (i think).

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If you're interested (or if you know of someone who's interested) and for details on shipping/meet up/pick up/payment, please leave a message here in my blog or you can email me at

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mommy kiel said...

hi berna.
i'm interested pero sa lalagyan lang, kasi may pump naman ako...

will it keep the milk cold in the long commute (1 hour) from office to home?