Monday, December 8, 2008

fruitful weekend

Saturday, i dragged the husband to our early morning appointment in Ortigas. We were to attend the Cashflow 101 workshop conducted by Create Abundance Community . I so wanted to get J involved with this, for him to get a glimpse of what I've been up to for the past weeks and for him to personally see that this could actually change our lives. I told him it was going to be fun. After all, we are only going to play a board game! This game was designed based on the best-seller book by Robert Kiyosaki and the main goal is to raise one's financial IQ. And so we headed off 8 am on a Saturday to Pearl Drive in Ortigas despite the resistance in my husband (gusto pa nyang matulog).

The game lasted for about 3 hours and yet I didn't feel it was that long. I was so caught up in the game, I even wanted to play longer. I was clueless on what to do at the start. There were opportunities being presented to me but I didn't know if it's a good opportunity or not. Not until I experienced some losses and gains was I able to learn how to really play it. Our facilitator also mentioned some points during the middle of the game which helped us decide on the opportunities. The goal of the game is to get out the rat race (which I'm in right now. my life seem to be only within the cycle of paycheck-paying bills-paycheck-paying bills). During the start of the game, all of was wanted to land in the "paycheck" box wherein we receive money from the bank. This was our salary. And then later on, when we knew better, we're all disappointed if we landed there. All we want is to land on the opportunities.

I learned a lot. And so did the husband. Now both of us has increased our financial literacy. I'm definitely playing this game again. I need to play 3 times before I can qualify for the Cashflow 202 game. If you're thinking that I just buy the boardgame, it costs a freakin' P15,000! Mahal no? If you're also interested to play this game, let me know. =) The fee is only P200 (includes lunch and bottomless iced tea while you're playing) and I promise you it will be money well spent.

Saturday was spent on raising our financial IQ, Sunday was spent for shopping. Haha. We took advantage of the Pacquiao game early Sunday morning and headed off to the Richwell Trading Center Sale in Libis. I got this information from blogger friend Mai. Since we haven't shopped gifts for our nieces,nephews and godchildren and we don't have the EQ to go to Divisoria, we decided to just buy all the toys in the Richwell Sale. As expected, the place wasn't crowded. And, again, as expected there were a lot of good items on sale! Imagine a barbie doll worth only P400! At ang ganda pa ng lalagyan. The only problem we had was the ventilation. After about 30 minutes inside the building, hubby and I were kinda nauseous already. But since I was hell-bent on completing the gifts, I shrugged off the queasiness and proceeded to rummage through the items. In less than 2 hours, we were done shopping! Hubby was extra surprised when our bill totalled to only P2,500. We bought 9 toys. All were really nice and affordable!

There were a lot of good finds there. I was amazed at the affordable Baby 1st items especially the bath tub seat I've been eyeing since time immemorial. Hubby wanted the Chicco stroller and the car seat. Educational toys were everywhere. We were so tempted to get all those for our JB but maybe due to our Saturday workshop, we had the discipline to stop ourselves from doing so. Haha. Wala sa budget ang magshopping for JB dun e. We've shopped for him already. Maybe if we'll have an extra budget towards the later part of December, we can probably drop by in the warehouse again. I figured, everything will be at rock-bottom prices on its last day (Dec 23 I think) because I noticed the salesladies further slashing the prices in half in some of the items.

After our Libis adventure, we headed to Landmark Trinoma to buy clothes for our not-so-young nieces, nephews and godchildren. Again, few people in the mall. Parking is hard though! In an hour, we were done! It's really so easy when you're not competing with a lot of people. The salesladies attended to us well.

We got home just in time for the 2pm delayed telecast! Isn't that good time management or what? hehe.. =)

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