Wednesday, December 17, 2008

vacation mode

I'm very much feeling the holidays! Every weekend is hectic and we almost always start the day very very early. The past 3 days have been extra special. Will post about it in my multiply account tomorrow. Hehe. Pasuspense pa noh?

I only have to go to work until Friday and then I'm officially on vacation until January 2. Yey! Saturday will be spent on giving gifts to our relatives and godchildren because we're flying early Sunday morning to Mindanao. We will be back here in Manila on the 26th and then the days following will be busy with weddings we have to attend to (I still need to find a suit for J).

Bakasyon na naman. Happy Holidays! :)


mommy kiel said...

anu yung kuwento?
ikaw ha, nang-indiyan ka :p
i still have the gift for jb, pano ko bigay

berna said...

kaya nga e. senxa na talaga. hehe.. next time talaga. =) if we can squeeze in na magmeet up in between xmas and new year. nag-usap na rin kami ni kim na kung may chance magmeet nitong holiday season, baka pwede tyo magkitakits ulit. =)
ung kwento, ipopost ko na ngayon sa multiply. hehe..

soloops said...

asan na yung kuwento?

berna said...

napost ko na. =)