Wednesday, March 19, 2008

things to do

Eversince I got pregnant, I had to postpone some of the things I wanted and needed to do that were lined up last year. And so I'm listing it down as I might forget after I give birth. Baka maging malaki ang epekto sakin ng anesthesia. :)

1) Continue my MBA studies.
I'm only 1 subject short of taking the core subjects. I'm also thinking of switching to Ateneo because they have fewer subjects there and it would only take me 1 more year to finish (granted that all my subjects taken in DLSU will be credited).

2) Practice driving.
With the baby's arrival, commuting could be such a hard ordeal. And I don't want to always rely on somebody to drive me.

3) Go on that long overdue vacation.
We already have tentative plans on how to go about this. But I don't want to put the details into writing just yet. Baka maudlot. With my husband's line of work, hindi uso ang pagpaplano. You have to be a spontaneous person to make the relationship work. Kidding! Pero seriously... in my experience, 95% of the time our plans never really push through. But we do have things in mind on what to do but no timeline is involved so as to avoid frustrations.

There. Tatlo muna. I have a lot of adjustments to do after the baby comes out so I'm keeping my list short. =)

Have a blessed holy week everyone!

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Kharol said...

wow.. may blog site ka pala... check this out
just a few days left.. makikita ko na si GEORGE!