Monday, March 3, 2008


Surprise # 1: Hubby texted me early Thursday morning requesting me to open our front door because he's waiting outside. I was half-awake then and I can't make sense of his text. He can't be here in Manila. He never comes home unannounced. Plus, before we ended the night, I knew he was in camp with his boss. So I replied and asked him, "which house?". Haha. Nagduda pa noh? Baka wrong send kasi. True enough, when I opened the door, he was there (still groggy from the early morn travel). Turns out, one of his upperclass in the batallion asked him if he would like to go to Manila since this upperclass will be running some errands here. They left camp at around 2:30 in the morning. Yey! I can't believe it! And it's not weekend yet!

Surprise # 2: My officemates asked me way way before to reserve Feb 29 but no further details were divulged to me. I already had an idea what this was about but up until we arrived in Ayala station night of Feb 29, I didn't know where the baby shower will be held. Then they texted us to proceed to Music21 in Jupiter St. I was shocked to know that we'll be singing the night away. =) When we arrived at the venue, I was even more surprised. The room was decorated with balloons and there were LOTS of food served. They even came up with a theme. They were all dressed in preggy outfits. Well, I didn't notice it until they pointed it out to me. Hehe. JB received lots of gifts from his titas. Hubby and I were really really touched by this gesture from them. Eventhough I knew that they are giving me a baby shower, I didn't know that they are going all out! =) You see, JB is one of the first babies in our office barkada. And they are all excited of his arrival. Thanks guys! Really! Speechless kami ni hubby. =)

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