Friday, March 28, 2008

our baby has arrived!

jakob benjamin gutierrez moldez

Born March 25, 2008 7:04 pm via normal delivery. 6.12 lbs, 50 cms.

The reason that I still have time to blog and upload pictures now is that JB is still in the nursery, recovering from the circumcision done to him. As much as I would like for him to experience circumcision when he's much older, the pediatrician told us that JB's penis' opening is small and not removing the extra skin now could become a problem when he's already on his 5th or 6th month since this may cause him urinary tract infection. J and I immediately decided to let him undergo circumcision upon seeing that the opening is indeed small as compared to other babies. The resident pedia told us that we may be able to bring home JB tomorrow.

Anyway, up until now I still can't believe that I have given birth. Kakaibang experience pala talaga ang manganak. I labored for 20 hours but seeing JB was worth all the pain and the long wait. I have to give a lot of credit to my ever loving hubby who was able to keep everything together. Just like how he was during our wedding (where he absorbed all the stress para maging stress-free ako on our big day), he took care of everything and I sure am lucky to have such a responsible husband especially during critical times. I am truly grateful to the Lord for giving me and my family this much blessing. Hay naku. And dami ko pang kwento. I'll give details of how D day went in my next post. For now, pictures na lang muna. =)

first picture

right after delivery

hanggang tingin lang muna si daddy


Mai said...

congrats to you and your hubby! Baby JB is so adorable! Hope he has recovered na and home already. In fairness mukhang di ka naglabor ng 20 hours ha..di ka ata bangag-looking like I was. Hehe! As Ive texted, welcome to the world of puyatan! :)

kadeteng civies said...

ang gwapo ng aking inaanak. anu kaya unang magandang ituro kay JB? hmmm


anna said...

congrats again berna and j! :) super cutie!!! :) ansakit naman, ni-circumcise agad :(

have a healthy recovery berns! :)

shamaine reyes said...

hi there... i haven't visited ur site lately kya now ko lng nmlam n u gave birth...congrats...cute nman ng kn tlga...God bless ur family... :)

jishinka said...

go, supahmomma! congrats ulit!
kagwapong bata naman...