Tuesday, November 25, 2008

great 8!

Happy 8th month birthday baby! Mommy will be home with cake and pancit. Lola's bilin: Malimutan mo na ang cake, wag lang ang pancit. For long life daw. =)

At 8 months, you can now recognize the people around you and you now have preference as to who will carry you. You prefer daddy and lolo over everyone else, much to the delight of your dad (sha daw ang favorite mo). Everytime you'd see new faces, you won't cry, you'll just give them your killer stare. It's as if they've done something wrong. Buti na lang anak cute ka kaya hindi sila na-ooffend. haha.

You try to stand by yourself, without clinging to any object. Your favorite meals are potato and banana. You'd get mad at your lola if your lunch is just cerelac (which means lola didn't have time to cook your meals). You smile and jump everytime mommy comes home and you'd be restless until I carry you.

8 months flew by so fast. I guess I was so busy being amazed by you.

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soloops said...

Happy 8 month JB! Lagi ka lang magpa cute k mommy para may pasalubong lagi, hehe.