Thursday, November 13, 2008


Tagged by Cee!

A. Attached or single ? — Attached.
B. Best Friend(s)? — Tuknene (HS classmates)
C. Cake or pie? — Cake
D. Day of choice? — Saturday
E. Essential item(s)? — Cellphone, wallet
F. Favorite color? — pink and brown. wedding motif!
G. Gummy Bears or Worms? — gummy bears
H. Hometown? — Cavite and Pangasinan
I. Favorite indulgence? — Pasta!
J. January or July? — January.
K. Kids? — One very active baby boy
L. Life isn’t complete without? — God in the center. -i have to agree Cee!
M. Marriage date? — October 26
N. Number of magazine subscriptions? - None.
O. Orange or apple? — Orange
P. Phobias? — flying cockroach
Q. Quotes? — Happiness is a choice.
R. Reasons to smile? — going home to my smiling son, hubby coming home on weekends, my mom's homecooked meals (she's a good cook, i tell you!), my dad fetching me from landmark (im his baby girl still), meet ups with my best buds.
S. Season of choice? — Summer
T. Tag 5 people - Lisa, Kiel, Kim, Leo Mar, Carol
U. Unknown fact about me? - Secret.
V. Vegetable(s)? — not much into veggies. unhealthy, i know.
W. Worst habit? — always late!
X. X-ray or ultrasound? - Ultrasound
Y. Your favorite food(s)? - Pasta
Z. Zodiac sign — Leo