Wednesday, November 26, 2008

the sweetest words

For quite some time now, JB had been calling everybody with specific names. The only problem is, he calls everybody by how I call them. For example, he calls my dad - daddy, my mom - mommy, my tita - tita. Even his cousins, who he's supposed to call tito, he calls them kuya. The only thing he got right is how he calls his dad. And me, he doesn't address me by any name. Except for that one time when he called me "na". I suppose that was short for "berna".

Last night was monumental, I was about to leave the room to get something from the kitchen when all of a sudden JB called me "ma". And then I turned to him and saw him with a bit of frustration on his face (probably because I put him down in his crib), and then he said it again, this time it was more clear, "mama". It was the sweetest word anyone has ever said to me.


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