Monday, November 24, 2008

tired...and it's only monday!

It's the first day of the workweek and I already feel like it's Friday. Hubby left at 4 in the morning to head to Tarlac. Thanks to schooling, he's regularly home on weekends but I'm also constantly sleepy during Mondays. Zzzzz..

To add to my fatigue, I have a new role here in the office. This can be my time to shine, but I can also fail big time. My head is spinning with all the projects that I need to start. I need to f-o-c-u-s.

Hubby and I had a serious talk over money matters last weekend. We need to start sticking to our budget, seriously. We have had numerous spur-of-the-moment expenses which costs us a LOT. We also talked about the investments we have to make. Based on my computation and if statistics would not change for the next 15 years, we should have saved up our first million! Achieving this in less than 15 years would be fantastic. We just set a realistic timeline for us. This would entail a lot of discipline when it comes to our savings. Plus, we also want to live in our own home. This should be a reality 5 years from now. And just now, hubby texted me about a business plan that could bring us closer to our goals.

Just thinking about all these plans are making me tired already. Haha! Lack of sleep, my work, money management, plus a number of extra-curricular activities and trying to calendar all the activities for December are draining my energy. I need to go home. And sleep. And start tomorrow refreshed.


mommy kiel said...

di na ko mahihiyang sabihin sayo to ha...

pero alamo, when i first read the first few sentences of this post, i felt extremely envious.

i wish to be so tired and sleepless again because i was looking after my husband and being a good wife, rather than be so tired just because of work at the office and because i have to take care of two boys, after work, on my own - even if the boys have a father who should be sharing the responsibility of child-rearing with me.

i miss my husband so.

you are so lucky.

sorry for feeling this way. i just couldn't help it. but i'm still happy for you, because you nver experienced what i went through with my firstborn - waiting for months just to have my husband back home for THREE DAYS, and what i'm going through now with araw.

i just wish it would be my turn soon.

berna said...

your turn will come soon kiel. don't say sorry. I'm also a wreck everytime lumalampas sa threshold ko na hindi umuuwi asawa ko. in my case, one month. di ko na kaya yun.

despite everything, nakakayanan mo pa rin. so that says a lot how strong your character is. and you should be proud of that! and that after all these problems and frustrations have passed, you will come out a stronger and better person. and then it will be your turn to savor the happy times that the man of the house is home.

pray! I know you talk to God everyday. ask Him for strength. kulitin mo. makikinig Yun. kasi mahal ka Nya. He'll never give this to you kung alam Nya na hindi mo kaya.

Journey said...

THanks for the drop berns! Yeah correct ang computation nyo sis. Hahaha. kasi nacompute ko na yan since we get married ahahaha... Exciting ang savings program ng military. Buti na lang meron ito. hehehe.. It keeps us looking forward to a better tmrw:)